The online space for offline activities


What is it?

Community Hubs are online spaces where organisations can save time managing all kinds of group activities. Gathering participants for training sessions, Sports & Social outings or just a Lunch & Learn becomes as quick as the click of a button. Members of a hub can see what’s on, join up, pay their part (if needed) and see their schedule easily on any device.

Our directory of local activity providers and access to their live availability allows for automated online bookings and gives you a place to go for activity ideas. Members and organizers can also propose provisional outings that will only go ahead if there’s enough interest. This is great for small organic meetups and means more options, more engagement and a better sense of community for everyone – with less organisational hassle for you.

Save time and money

Cut down on time spent organizing group activities. No more group emails, manual sign-ups, scheduling back and forth or calling providers to update numbers. Just post your link and we do the rest.

Discourage late cancellations and no-shows

Hub members have public reliability ratings that are impacted if they make late cancellations or are marked as no-shows. We incentivise finding a replacement for yourself rather than cancelling to avoid affecting your rating.


Access the info you need

Export participant lists and costs as CSV files to make payroll deductions a cinch. Create activities from our directory or customise your own templates. Access to live availability of providers means automated bookings with flexibility around numbers.

Cutting edge experience

Easy-to-access details of all events, flexibility and democracy around times and activities with easy sign-up and live notifications and updates makes for a much smoother overall experience for every group activity.

Boost engagement

One-click activity creation and a shared space for proposals as links makes it easy to canvass members on what they’d like to do and maximize attendance. Members can easily organise their own smaller outings meaning more options, more engagement and a better sense of community overall.

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As administrator of a Community Hub you can

  • Create and post activities – from our directory or from scratch
  • Post on the Hub Noticeboard
  • Test the appetite for activities with your members
  • Keep track of sign-ups
  • Export participant lists as CSV files
  • Communicate exclusively with participants of particular events
  • Collect and track payments online or in cash
  • Check availability and book with activity providers and venues


Members of a hub also enjoy benefits

Members can browse and join activities as well as easily access all the details and arrangements for that event. Members can also view the list of participants for an event.

Members can also pay their portion and see a schedule of every event they’ve signed up for. They can view what’s posted on the Hub noticeboard.

They can propose their own activities to other hub members and chat online with event organisers and participants.


Taking a closer look

We will always require a verified email for users to sign in, but there is an option to require an id number for your own verification purposes. You can simply set access to anyone who can verify an email address at your @company email domain.


Once logged in, members can view the
noticeboard, browse all the activities
posted on your hub or view their personal
Every hub has a noticeboard where Hub
Admins can post any messages, images,
videos or links to the community.

When posting, the admin will have an
option whether or not to notify everyone
about the new post, depending on the
importance of the content

Joining Activities

Once logged in, members can browse all the activities posted on your hub.

Once a hub member clicks into an activity they will have three tabs to choose from

One to see all the details…

…Another to join or to leave their availability – this is where you can keep track of who is signed up for what activity.

And finally every activity has its own chat tab – if you post here only the participants of that event will be notified.


Activities can be shared anywhere

Any activities you create will be listed on your hub but you can also post or share them anywhere as links. Hub members can also share activity links amongst themselves.

More Features


Members can pay online, or if they pay in cash any admin can mark them as paid in the app.


Members can easily access a schedule of every activity they’re signed up for across the calendar. All events can be added to popular calendars like Google or Outlook at the click of a button. This way they should always know where they need to be.

Post Activities

It’s easy to post activities. Create them yourself from scratch, use our directory of providers and templates, or create from templates you’ve set up yourself.

Adding Details

Activities can be confirmed from the moment they are posted, or you can set a minimum number of participants for it to go ahead. This second option gives you a way to test the appetite for activities before you confirm them. It also makes our ‘Forming’ space possible, where activities can form organically based on interest.


Hub admin dashboard


Our easy to use dashboard lets you manage your Community Hub, adding activity options and participants to events.  Quick, flexible and mobile, we have all the features enabling you to create events, big and small, anytime, anywhere.

From you Hub Dashboard you can create the categories you’d like to list under when posting activities:

We will always be adding activity providers to our directory. If you have existing discount deals with any of them, they can configure their listings to apply those discounts to your hub exclusively so that you and your hub members can start paying online and you can keep your discount agreement.

It’s also up to the Hub Owner to allow members to propose their own outings or not. Enabling this feature will mean more engagement within your community. Members will be able to organise their own get-togethers with little effort.


It’s easy to subsidize the cost of any activity with Community Hubs. Just set a percentage in the subsidy section of any activity you create:

Everyone can still pay online – we’ll split the costs as you wish. If you deduct from payroll there’s an option for that too.


Once participants have joined an event admins can easily export the list of attendees as a CSV file:


Admins can also set a cancellation policy and have options around the penalty for cancelling late or not showing up. One option is to deduct points from the participant’s public reliability rating.

Another is not to refund the cost. These options can be restricted by the cancellation policy of any provider involved, depending on the payment method chosen.


Along with these disincentives, we also encourage cancelling participants to replace themselves with another hub member to avoid impacting their reliability rating.

Future Features

What has been laid out so far are the core features of our app that are already under way.

Some features we are planning for the future are shown below.

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